Rad Hard GaN Packaged Discretes

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Part NumberVoltage (V)ID (A)Max RDS(on) (mΩ)Max QG (nC)Package Size (mm)
FBG04N08A408282.83.4 x 3.4
FBG04N30B40301011.45.7 x 3.9
EPC7019D4080522 (typ)8.0 x 5.6
EPC7019G4095422 (typ)8.0 x 5.6
EPC7014UB6015800.1843.25 x 2.74
EPC7003A10010452.23.4 x 3.4
FBG10N30B1003014115.7 x 3.9
EPC7004B1003015115.7 x 3.9
FBG10N05A1005452.23.4 x 3.4
EPC7018D10074611.7 (typ)8.0 x 5.6
EPC7018G10090611.7 (typ)8.0 x 5.6
FBG20N04A200413033.4 x 3.4
FBG20N18B200182875.7 x 3.9
EPC7007B200182875.7 x 3.9
EPC7020G2008014.513.5 (typ)8.0 x 5.6
FBG30N04C30044002.64.4 x 4.4
EPC7030G300503215 (typ)
8.0 x 5.6

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