Rad Hard GaN Packaged Discretes

EPC Space Rad Hard GaN discrete devices have been specifically designed for critical applications in the high reliability or commercial satellite space environments. These devices have exceptionally high electron mobility and a low temperature coefficient resulting in very low RDS(on) values. The lateral structure of the die provides for very low gate charge (QG) and extremely fast switching times. These features enable higher power densities, higher efficiencies and more compact and lighter packaging.

Flight Heritage: Thousands of EPC Space Rad Hard GaN devices have been in orbit since January of 2019

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Part NumberVoltage (V)ID (A)Max RDS(on) (mΩ)Max QG (nC)Package Size (mm)
FBG04N08A408282.83.4 x 3.4
FBG04N30B40301011.45.7 x 3.9
EPC7019G4095422 (typ)8.0 x 5.6
EPC7014UB6015800.1843.25 x 2.74
EPC7003A10010452.23.4 x 3.4
FBG10N30B1003012115.7 x 3.9
EPC7004B1003015115.7 x 3.9
FBG10N05A1005452.23.4 x 3.4
EPC7018G10090611.7 (typ)8.0 x 5.6
FBG20N04A200413033.4 x 3.4
FBG20N18B200182875.7 x 3.9
EPC7007B200182875.7 x 3.9
EPC7020G2008014.513.5 (typ)8.0 x 5.6
FBG30N04C30044002.64.4 x 4.4
EPC7030G300503215 (typ)
8.0 x 5.6

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