Space Systems

The unmatched reliability and performance of gallium nitride-based power devices is accelerating evolutionary advances in critical spaceborne systems. EPC Space offers Rad Hard packaged GaN devices with superior electrical and radiation hardened performance over the aging silicon MOSFET.

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Applications for GaN in Space

DC-DC Converters

GaN technology enables a new generation of power converters in space operating at higher frequencies, higher efficiencies, and greater power densities than ever achievable before.


Lidar systems provide the “eyes” for autonomous navigation and docking for rendezvous missions and robotics used in space. The shorter the laser beam pulse, the higher the resolution of the lidar images. GaN devices provide this needed speed, increase the efficiency, and shrink the size for lidar.

Motor Drive

Ruggedized high-precision brushless DC motors are critical for the myriad of robotics and automated instrumentation used in space missions.
Rad Hard GaN power devices provide the small size, lightweight, and precision control that brushless DC (BLDC) motors require and can withstand the harsh environment.

Ion Thrusters

An ion thruster is a form of electric drive used for in-mission spacecraft propulsion with uses such as orientation and positioning of satellites and interplanetary propulsion of low-mass robotic vehicles. Rad hard GaN enables smaller, lighter, more efficient power supply to these systems, increasing the power delivery.

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