EPC Space Demonstration Boards


Fast prototyping and evaluation — easy-to-use demonstration boards are ideal for evaluating the features and capabilities of EPC Space products.

Schematics, and Bills of Materials are available for all boards for quick reference and use.

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Demonstration Boards

Part NumberDescriptionVoltage (V)Id (max) (A)Featured ProductSchematicBOM
EPC7C001FBS-GAM01-PSE and FBG04N30 Switching Evaluation Board4014.3FBS-GAM01-PSE
EPC7C002FBS-GAM01-PSE and FBG10N30 Switching Evaluation Board10015.3FBS-GAM01-PSE
EPC7C003FBS-GAM01-PSE and FBG20N18 Switching Evaluation Board2009FBS-GAM01-PSE

Point of Load Evaluation Boards

Part NumberDescriptionVDD (max) (V)Iout (max) (A)fs (max) (MHz)Featured ProductSchematicBOMFeatures/Comments
Point of Load Evaluation Board
• Customer Customizable
• Built-In, Adjustable Dead Time

Motor Drive Evaluation Boards

Part NumberDescriptionVDD (max) (V)Iphase (max) (A)fs (max) (MHz)Featured ProductSchematicBOMFeatures/Comments
Multiphase Motor Drive Evaluation Board
5081FBS-GAM02P-C50coming soon
• Single-, Two- and Three-Phase Motor Driver
• Stand-Alone, or
• Optimized Interface to EPC9147 Microcontroller Motor Control Board
• Multiple User Selectable Options for Maximum Versatility
• Multiple PWM Drive Options
• On-Card or External 5V Bias Option
• Built-In Dead Time Option
• VDD and Phase Current Sense
• VDD and Phase Voltage Sense
• Phase Output Filter Option
• Over-Temperature Protection
• Power Good Sensing and Protection
• Hall-Effect Sensor Inputs
• Streamlines Motor Driver Development and Implementation