EPC Space’s Rad Hard Products Fuel Next Generation of Development Kits for Space Data Processing

ANDOVER, MA, USA and Edinburgh, Scotland, UK – December 2023 – EPC Space is proud to collaborate with Alpha Data, a prominent innovator in FPGA-based acceleration boards, in the development of the ADK-VA601 Versal™ AI Core Development Kit for Space 2.0. This groundbreaking kit, featuring a fully radiation-tolerant reference design in a deployable VPX format, accelerates the development of adaptable processors for space applications.

The ADK-VA601, an adaptive System on Module (SoM), supports on-board processing (OBP) and on-orbit reconfiguration, enabling multi-sensor data fusion, capacity growth, and the convergence of ground and space networks. ADK-VA601 was developed in collaboration with Texas Instruments, EPC Space, and other industry leaders, and it uses EPC Space’s EPC7019G which is part of EPC Space’s latest generation of radiation hardened devices. Complete list can be found at https://epc.space/products/gan-discretes/

David Miller, Managing Director, commented: “We’re offering this as a complete development kit but in an already deployable format which makes it more relevant to customers and streamlines the adaptation process for specific mission requirements. The industry is moving from custom hardware towards modular standards that enable shorter design cycles and cost reduction. End users may still want to do some fine tuning and customization, but if 90 percent of the work has already been done by us, they can get to space much quicker. That’s the core concept behind this product.”

Bel Lazar, EPC Space CEO, commented: “In addition to our efforts in designing in Radiation Hardened (Rad Hard) GaN solutions in all new space power sockets as a viable alternative to the aging Rad Hard silicon devices, we are also addressing Rad Hard solutions for space bound development kits such as the next generation of on-orbit processing that accelerates the development timeline of space missions.

About Alpha Data

Alpha Data is a world leader in the FPGA-based acceleration boards used in high-performance computing, and rugged embedded computing.

With design canters strategically located in both the US and the UK, Alpha Data provides an international customer base with high-reliability, state-of-the-art solutions for deployment on land, at sea, in the air and in space.

About EPC Space

EPC Space provides revolutionary high-reliability radiation hardened enhancement-mode gallium nitride power management solutions for space and other harsh environments.

Radiation hardened GaN-based power devices address critical spaceborne environments for applications including power supplies, light detection and ranging (lidar), motor drive, and ion thrusters.

 eGaN is a registered trademark of Efficient Power Conversion Corporation, Inc.

Press Contact

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