Space Level Qualified Rad Hard Enhancement-Mode Gallium Nitride (eGaN®) Drivers and Power Stages with Space Heritage from EPC Space Increase Efficiency, Reduce Space and Weight in Satellite Systems

Rad Hard GaN drivers optimized to drive Rad Hard GaN transistors and specifically designed for critical applications in the high reliability or commercial satellite space environments.

HAVERHILL, MA.— October 2020 — EPC Space announced a family of Rad Hard enhancement mode GaN drivers and power stages. Rad Hard GaN drivers are optimized to drive Rad Hard GaN transistors in critical spaceborne systems.  Rad Hard power stages integrate a high-speed gate drive circuit with power switches to provide a complete power stage in a tiny footprint for smaller, lower weight systems. 

The Drivers and Power Stages product line includes ultra-fast low-side eGaN drivers, ultra-fast dual low-side eGaN drivers, and half bridge drivers with integrated eGaN power switches.  These devices are ideal for high speed DC-DC conversion, synchronous rectification, commercial satellite electrical power systems (EPS) and avionics, and multi-phase motor drives. As an example, thousands of these devices are currently flying in orbit as motor drivers for satellite reaction wheels.

Beyond the performance improvement inherent from using GaN-based devices, these products offer superior radiation hardness under heavy ions (SEE) and gamma radiation (TID).  EPC Space devices are manufactured in an AS9100D certified facility in the greater Boston area.

“These devices provide engineers with a higher performance, modular solution with guaranteed electrical, thermal, and radiation performance,” said Max Zafrani, Chief Technology Officer. “In addition to very high efficiencies and extremely low parts count, operation above 1 MHz enables smaller magnetics for smaller, lower weight designs and an extremely cost competitive solution”

About EPC Space

EPC Space provides revolutionary high-reliability radiation hardened enhancement-mode gallium nitride power management solutions for space and other harsh environments.

Radiation hardened GaN-based power devices address critical spaceborne environments for applications including power supplies, light detection and ranging (lidar), motor drive, and ion thrusters.

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