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40 V -300 V Rad Hardened

Rad Hard GaN discrete devices specifically designed for critical applications in the high reliability or commercial satellite space environments now available. HAVERHILL, MA.— September 2020 — EPC Space announced a […]

GaN in Space Missions

GaN power transistors are an ideal choice for power and RF applications to support extreme space missions. Through its new eGaN® solutions, EPC Space guarantees radiation hardness performance and SEE […]

Radiation Performance of Enhancement-Mode Gallium Nitride

Enhancement-mode gallium nitride (eGaN®) technology enables a new generation of power converters in space operating at higher frequencies, higher efficiencies, and greater power densities than ever achievable before. eGaN devices […]

GaN in Space Podcast

EPC has teamed up with VPT, Inc. to form “EPC Space,” and according to early PR, its mission is “designing and manufacturing radiation-hardened GaN-on silicon transistors and ICs packaged, tested, […]

The space-qualified GaN power transistors, driver ICs and modules of Freebird Semiconductor will now be available from EPC Space, a new company which includes Freebird and its assets, and is […]

EPC Space announcement

EPC Space, a joint venture company, will provide advanced, high-reliability, gallium nitride (GaN) power conversion solutions for critical spaceborne and other high reliability environments. EL SEGUNDO, CA and BLACKSBURG, VA […]