Versatility in Space

GaN versatility in space

We do not like to boast here at EPC Space, but we do think our discrete and modular product
offerings are both the widest and the most versatile available in the RadHard space/power arena. A good brag is just empty words without the proof to stand behind them. So, in order to offer up some proof of the versatility of our lineup, we have put together an application note as a demonstration. Application Note AN002 shows how an actively-clamped forward converter (ACFC) can be designed and configured using four products from the EPC Space discrete and modular product offering. The resulting circuit demonstrates how a high-performance, low parts count and small physical size solution can be achieved.

The EPC Space products, because of their application-friendly configurations, packaging and high level of integration allow designers to think beyond the component level; to use these devices as true building blocks to create higher-level systems for applications in space. Now that is true versatility!

Please download a copy of AN002  and see for yourself. Even if you do not have an immediate application for the ACFC solution, hopefully this design approach will open your eyes to the many possibilities that these Rad Hard GaN products can offer to you in other converter topologies and circuits.